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This Page is dedicated to the girls & boys who are spayed/neutered
 and living here or in new homes and no longer in the breeding program, 
but they can be found in some of our current  pedigrees and have played a role in where we are today.

"Star"      Ch. Jubilee's Star Spangled Girl

Retired-spayed and living as THE Queen Bee here with us.......A Crested For All The Reasons to Love This Breed.

"Betty Boop"    Ch. Jubilee's All Bets Are Off

Retired-spayed and placed into a new home, with Audra Guecia, who adores her new bed-buddy!
And I might add, there is no squirrel who is safe around "Betty Boop"........
and the house cats love it when she brings in a live bird or to two for them to torment!
So far, they have all been rescued by Audra!!

"Elly"      Ch. Puf n Stuf Bare Elegance

Back home with her Breeder & Owner,
Barbara Bittner, PufnStuf.

"Willow" - PufnStuf's Maid In The Shade

Spayed/Retired and Living with her new devoted and hooked on Cresteds Owner, Schuyler Fraim, Bothell, WA.

.........Her sister, "Lucy", PufnStuf's I Love Lucy
 still resides with us at FirAcres as Schuyler's Singing Canary was just too much for Lucy to EVER forget......or leave alone and not worry about ALL night!! Schuyler is also the owner of a neutered pink spotted boy, Merlin, who has continued to expand his education about what Cresteds are all about.  Thank you Schuyler for being a Great Crested Dad!!...........I did warn you, Cresteds are like Potato Chips~!





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